Coret Genealogie is a Dutch genealogy company owned by Bob Coret in the Netherlands. Coret Genealogie has eight main subsidiaries.

  • Open Archives (Dutch: Open Archieven) a one-stop digital archive that allows you to do free genealogy searches of 57 archives throughout the Netherlands. Records and Scans are free. A subscription service provides links to additional family members’ records.

  • Genealogy Online (Dutch: Genealogie Online), is a family tree building website with free trial offerings and paid subscription offerings

  • Pedigree Forum (Dutch: Stamboom Forum), a forum/message board for genealogists

  • family Archivist (Dutch: familie archivaris), a place to create a family archive online with other family members

  • Pedigree Guide (Dutch: stamboom grids), a categorized Dutch family history resource guide

  • Genealogy Toolbar (Dutch: genealogie werkbalk), is a search engine for finding which archive holds a source you need

  • Genealogy Gazet  (Dutch: genealogie gazet), an online genealogy & family history magazine available through Google Play Newsstand

  • newspaper viewer (Dutch: kk), is a product for organizations who want to publish periodicals online


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