Craig County Records Available (not online):

Craig County land records: from 1864

Craig County naturalization records: none

Craig County vital records: births, 1864-1896; deaths, 1864-1896; marriages unknown

Craig County probate records: from 1851

Bentley, E. P. (1995). County Courthouse Book (2nd ed.). Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publication Co., Inc., p. 367

Craig County Department Contact Information (left column)

Craig County History

Craig County was established in 1851 with land from Botetourt, Giles, and Roanoke counties in Virginia, and Monroe County in West Virginia.

“Between the “Great Road” of the Shenandoah Valley and the mountains of what would soon be West Virginia, Indians traveled looking for game and pioneers from Europe and Britain began to settle.  An outpost called “Craig’s Camp” was established and visited by Col. George Washington in 1756 as he toured the frontier.  Farmers and tradesmen continued to settle the valley where Johns Creek, Meadow Creek and Craigs Creek flow together en route to the James River. This settlement, first called “Newfincastle”, became the county seat when Craig was formed in 1851 from parts of six neighboring counties.  New Castle remains the only incorporated town in the county, with a historic district that includes the Jeffersonian-style courthouse and nearby Old Brick Hotel.”

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