The Częstochowa-Radomsko Areaa Research Group finds and translates Holocaust-era survivor lists and death lists from all areas of Poland, as well as lists (of Jews from Poland) created outside of Poland. This database is one of the largest on the web, with more than 400,000 records so far, covering hundreds of towns and consisting of more than 250 separate projects.


Holocaust-Era Database – FREE

The time period covered by this database is just before, during, and just after World War II. Here are a few examples of data sets that are included: Częstochowa Book of Residents, Częstochowa Ghetto Registration, Częstochowa Hasag Factory, Częstochowa Slave Labor, Martyrdom of Jewish Physicans in Poland, Poland Survivor Radio Messages, Poland Survivors at DP Camps, Polish Children Arriving in Great Britain, Polish Jewish Refugees in the USSR, Polish Refugees in Tehran, Przyrów Books of Residents, Radomsko Book of Migration Control, Radomsko Martyrs List, Radomsko Identity Cards, Radomsko Registration Books, Register of Jewish Survivors, Surviving Jews in Częstochowa, Surviving Jews in Lublin, Surviving Jews in Warsaw, Surviving Jews in the Kielce District, Surviving Warsaw Jews, US Zone, Germany, Survivors in Stockholm, Survivors in Sweden, Theresienstadt, List of Polish Children, Żarki Books of Residents.



Pre-Holocaust Database – FEE

CRARG finds and translates archival records from the late 1700s to the 1940s for Jews who lived in Częstochowa, Gowarczów, Janów, Kamieńsk, Kłobuck, Kłomnice, Koniecpol, Końskie, Krzepice, Lelów, Mstów, Nowa Brzeźnica, Opoczno, Pilica, Piotrków Trybunalski, Pławno, Praszka, Przedbórz, Przyrów, Radomsko, Radoszyce, Rozprza, Szczekociny, Wodzisław, Żarki, and many smaller towns nearby, with more than 1.4 million records so far.

Our researchers in Poland works on births, marriages, deaths, burials, lists of residents, military recruits, emigrations, and much more—and this work continues daily.



Core towns for CRARG’s pre‑Holocaust records:

Map of CRARG’s core towns


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