This is the official website of Det Danske Udvandrerarkiv, the Digital Danish Emigration Archives. This is a free site with emigration records from Denmark for the years 1869-1908. These emigration records may help you learn the home parish of your Danish ancestor. “394,000 Danes emigrated for the years 1869-1908 can be found in Emigration protocols, developed by the Emigration Archives in collaboration with Aalborg City Archives on the basis of the Copenhagen Police Emigration Protocols. This means that the database contains the vast majority of emigrants who have purchased an overseas ticket by a Danish travel agent, but not those who bought tickets abroad, or not purchased a ticket (eg. Seafarers).”


“After a series of scandals where gullible emigrants were peasants caught by Danish agents, adopted by the Danish parliament May 1, 1868 a strict control. Acc. Law should Copenhagen police director approve and monitor all emigration agents in Denmark and authorize all Danish overseas ticket issuance. It had to happen, whether the journey was going straight from Copenhagen to the United States or indirect overseas via another European port. For controls guilt was information from the tickets up in a number of police protocols. It was 90 thick volumes, covering the period 1868-1940, and where each emigrant listed according to uniform criteria.”


“In the 1990s Emigration Archives entering the protocols in a database, so that today it is possible to search the emigrants electronically. To date, we have reached the period 24 May 1868 to December 1908 including 394,000 expatriates.”


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