The Daughters of the American Revolution has a free index of over 40,000 family Bible records. Bible records may provide birth, marriage, and death records as well as family genealogies.

“The collections of the DAR contain many family register entries from Bibles. Perhaps the largest collection containing such resources are the thousands of Genealogical Research Committee Reports created as typescripts during the last century. The GRC Reports were digitized over a few years enabling DAR volunteer members to study their content and to identify Bible register transcriptions that are present. This identification work continues, but at the present time approximately 40,000 family register entries from Bibles are now available as a subset of the national collection of the Reports. The DAR Library is the only location where the complete set of GRC volumes is available for the entire country. The database at this tab enables searches for these identified Bible pages and provides the citation as to their location in the Library’s digitized collection. At the present time, the images are not available for viewing outside of the DAR Library.”

“The register is based on the original surname found in the family register. Each register may contain many other surnames as family members married and the Bible passed into other hands. If you do not find the surname you are looking for check the GRC tab which is an every name index to the entire collection.”

“To order copies one must contact the DAR Library’s Search Service.”


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