This is a free online database of over 20,000 Death Certificates of Finns in Kings County, Washington, 1892-1947.

“The following records, abstracted by members of the South King County Genealogical Society and covering the period August 2, 1891, to May 29, 1907, have been extracted from the microfilmed records of the Seattle-King County Health Department entitled “King County Death Records.” The original records may contain further information of interest to genealogists. However, due to space limitations in the publication of over 20, 000 records, the extractions listed here by the South King County Genealogical Society give only name of deceased, date of death, age, sex, place of birth, and place of death. Those individuals whose birthplace is listed as Finland are included in this compilation.”

“The complete death record may show, in addition, date of birth, race, marital state, residence, occupation, name and birthplace of father, maiden name and birthplace of mother, and cause of death.”


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