Deceased Online has free UK death records online. Users can search by:

  • Country
  • Region
  • County
  • Burial Authority
  • Crematorium

For more advanced searches users need to register and pay a fee. “Please be sure to use the Free Search to check the name you are looking for exists on the database before you purchase any vouchers. We cannot guarantee that the name you have found is the exact person you are looking for. It may be necessary to view several records.”  The most up-to-date database coverage is available with breakdowns of the location and number of records in each area.

Pay-Per-View Pricing Schedule
Information Price (£)
Burial register scan* 2.00
Cremation register scan* 2.00
Transcribed burial register entry* 2.00
Transcribed cremation register entry* 2.00
Grave details and other interments 1.50
Image of a grave memorial** 2.00
Maps showing a grave or memorial location Individually priced
Collection of cemetery memorial images Individually priced
according to size
Sub-collection of memorial image(s)*** 2.00

“Deceased Online is the first central database of statutory burial and cremation registers for the UK and Republic of Ireland-a unique resource for family history researchers and professional genealogists….Until now, to search these records you had to approach about 3,000 burial authorities and over 250 crematoria in the UK alone, each independently holding their own registers, mostly as old fragile books. No official central repository exists….Deceased Online is changing this. We are making it possible for burial and cremation authorities around the country to convert their register records, maps and photographs into digital form and bring them together into a central searchable collection….Our growing database, holding records mainly from the 1850s onwards, can provide invaluable information for researching family trees, and can reveal previously unknown family links from other interments recorded in the same grave….The site was launched in July 2008, and over the coming months and years we will be building a substantial database of tens of millions of burial and cremation records. We are continually adding data from all over the UK as new burial authorities and crematoria join, so keep checking. We have provided a page here where you can see easily whose data was added and when, and what information is available in each case….Searching is FREE, and can be restricted as required to country, region, county, or individual burial authority or crematorium. If you register with Deceased Online here, you will be able to purchase vouchers online, which you can spend to access further information associated with any of the found records.”


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