The Delaware Public Archives stores records for the state of Delaware and for local governments. The Delaware Public Archives has census materials, vital statistics including birth, death, and marriage records; tax assessments, probate/estate records, land deeds, and military records.


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      • African American Education in Delaware – A History Through Photographs: 1865-1930
        by: Bradley Skelcher, Ph.D. PDF 7.3 MB
      • Beneath Thy Guiding Hand: A History of Women at the University of Delawareby: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 9 MB
      • Brandywine Village
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 6 MB
      • Captain Thomas Macdonough: Delaware Born Hero of the Battle of Lake Champlain
        by: Virgina Mason Burdick PDF 1.1 MB 
      • Caesar Rodney Patriot: Delaware’s Hero For All Times and All Seasons
        by: William P. Frank  PDF 2.6 MB 
      • The Churches of Delaware
        by: Frank Zebley PDF 20 MB 
      • Corporate Capital Wilmington in the Twentieth Century
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 23 MB 
      • Delaware: A Bicentennial History
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 2 MB
      • Delaware Archives – Military
        by: Delaware Public Archives 

      • Delaware During the Civil War – A Political History
        by: Harold Bell Hancock PDF 2.34 MB
      • Delaware School District Organization and Boundaries [1974]
        by: Roger C. Mowrey PDF 40 MB
      • Delaware, The First State
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 4.71 MB
      • Delaware Tercentenary Program
        1938 Delaware Tercentenary Official Program PDF 3.7 MB
      • Delaware Tercentenary Almanack & Historical Repository 
        by: Christopher L. Ward PDF 3.5 MB
      • Delaware Tercentenary Publications
        1938 Delaware Tercentenary Commission Publications PDF 3.2 MB
      • Democracy in Delaware: The Story of the First State’s General Assembly
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 2 MB
      • The Dutch & Swedes on the Delaware 1609-64
        by: Christopher Ward PDF 1.53 MB
      • East of the Mason-Dixon Line: A History of the Delaware Boundaries
        by: Roger E. Nathan PDF 4.17 MB
      • Familiar Relations: The duPonts and the University of Delaware
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 25.1 MB
      • Federal Justice in the First State: A History of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 21.1 MB
      • A History of African Americans of Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore
        by: Carol C. Marks, Editor PDF 5.33 MB
      • The History of Sussex Countyby: Dick Carter PDF 48 MB
      • Historic Houses and Buildings of Delaware
        by: Harold Donaldson Everlein and Cortlandt V.D. Hubbard PDF 75.3 MB
      • Honest John Williams: U.S. Senator from Delaware
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 3.08 MB
      • House Research Guide
        by: New Castle County Department of Planning – Historic Preservation Section PDF 768 KB
      • In Our Midst: Delaware Vignettes in Pictures and Prose
        by: Roger Martin PDF 18.7 MB
      • The Journals of the Reverend Lewis Wheeler Wells, Rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, and the Photograph Album of Leila Parker Burton Harthack of Millsboro, Delaware 
        by: Richard B. Carter PDF 17 MB
      • Laws of Delaware
        Compiled by the Delaware General Assembly
        Listing of all Books 
      • Man and Nature in Delaware: An Environmental History of the First State
        by: William H. Williams PDF 3.51 MB
      • A Photographic Survey of Indian River Community
        by: A Compilation of the Nanticoke Indian Heritage Project PDF 6 MB
      • Swedes on the Delaware: 1638-1664
        by: Amandus Johnson, Ph. D. PDF 4.36 MB
      • Troubled in Mind: J. Saunders Redding’s Early Years in Wilmington, Delaware
        by: J. Saunders Redding PDF 899 KB
      • Wilmington: A Pictorial History
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 64 MB
      • Wilmington, Delaware: Portrait of an Industrial City, 1830-1910
        by: Dr. Carol E. Hoffecker PDF 4.75 MB
      • World War II Memorial Volume
        by: Public Archives Commission PDF 12 MB
      • WPA Church Records Index
        PDF 11 MB
      • Ye Town of St. Georges: Buildings and Homes
        by: Gladys B. Lester

        • Volume I – The Nuttal-Sutton Home
          PDF 3.62 MB
        • Volume II – The Steamboat Hotel
          PDF 11.2 MB
        • Volume III – Wm. Goforths’s Three Acre Plot
          PDF 6.84 MB
        • Volume IV – Jubart “1744” Plot Plan
          PDF 41.1 MB
        • Volume V – “Mill Sand” Below Delaware Street
          PDF 38.9 MB


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