Departmental Archives of Allier – France (FR: Archives départementales de l’Allier) is the official archive for Allier. France divides the country into numbered administrative regions, called departments. This is the French administrative region, Department 3, named after the Allier River. This site is free to search.

Warning: At the time of this article, the site warned that searches by commune (town) are better than searches by date. A list of all communes are at the bottom of the page. 
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Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

Residence Records

Daily Life Records


  • Military registers, 1878-1921 ” Are you looking for the military career of an ancestor? Add 20 years to her year of birth and you will have her class. For example, someone born in 1888 will be class 1908. By clicking on the year of the class (year of 20 years) you will first have the alphabetical list to flip, you will find the number in front of the name of the conscript. Then, equipped with this number, you will have to find the right page in the registers.Warning: use link above and read warning for Montluçon in 1901 and Roanne before 1900.
  • War Memorials of Allier

The Departmental Archives of Allier is part of the Auvergne Rhône-Alps Region of France.
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Link to a downloadable PDF with all communes (towns) and their history

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Cost: Free


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