“A bilingual scholarly research & publishing project, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography gives free online access to 8,500+ biographies”

“The Dictionary of Canadian biography Dictionnaire biographique du Canada was made possible by an imaginative and public-spirited bequest of James Nicholson, a Toronto businessman, who, at his death in 1952, left the residue and bulk of his estate to the University of Toronto for the purpose of creating a biographical reference work for Canada of truly national importance.”

“There are now almost 8,500 biographies on this website, comprising the complete contents of volumes I to XV, which describe the lives of those whose deaths or whose last-known activities occurred in the years 1000 to 1930. Also included are entries on voyagers whose verifiable dates precede 1000 – Saint Brendan (Bréanainn), Eirikr Thorvaldsson (Eric the Red), and Herjólfsson Bjarni – and more than 70 biographies of individuals who died after 1930.”

Volume I: 1000–1700

Volume II: 1701–40

Volume III: 1741–70

Volume IV: 1771–1800

Volume V: 1801–20

Volume VI: 1821–35

Volume VII: 1836–50

Volume VIII: 1851–60

Volume IX: 1861–70

Volume X: 1871–80

Volume XI: 1881–90

Volume XII: 1891–1900

Volume XIII: 1901–10

Volume XIV: 1911–20

Volume XV: 1921–30

Volume XVI: 1931–40 (in preparation; some biographies are online)

Volume XVII: 1941–50 (some biographies are online)

Volume XVIII: 1951–60 (some biographies are online)

Volume XIX: 1961–70 (a biography is online)

Volume XX: 1971–80 (some biographies are online)

Volume XXI: 1981–90 (some biographies are online)

Volume XXII: 1991–2000 (some biographies are online)


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