Digital Remains is a company based in the UK that helps you include your digital assets and social media in your last will and testament.


Digital Remains provides an alternative to using a private attorney to create a will. There services have been created by lawyers and are intended to help you address digital assets which are not usually included in wills and testaments.


Digital Remains realise that we are living in a digital age, now, more than ever! Think about what you own digitally, whether it be music downloads, photographs, emails or websites you’ve built. Living in today’s society it’s almost unknown for a person not to own any digital assets, and with assets come a digital footprint.

Once you pass away, what will happen to your digital legacy? This is a modern problem for today’s society and is something we at Digital Remains have been endeavouring to make easier for our customers to incorporate their digital assets into your will. We envisage this become standard practice in decades to come, though for now this is new ground and through our expertise we hope to aid as many people as possible in securing control of their digital data after death.

We’ve spent several years developing Digital Remains in order to create the unique service we offer. Each of our customers is provided with the most up to date information from the team of lawyers who contributed to this service. Our online service guarantees a convenient and modern way to take control over your online will and digital assets.


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