Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium is a free website with links to online and digital (CD) Netherlands and Belgium genealogy resources. The site doesn’t link to subscription sites but does link to some sites that require registration (but are free).

Collections include:

  •  “church books (‘dtb’): parishal books with baptisms, marriages and deaths/burials; mostly till 1796 or 1811. In the Netherlands additional resources are kept in series with church books, such as tax on marriages and burials, and civil marriages before aldermen.
  • civil records and register of population (‘b.s. en bev.reg’): civil records can be found from 1796 or 1811 onwards, registers of population start around 1840/1850
  • remaining ecclesiastical (‘overig kerkelijk’): material kept in ecclesiastical archives
  • remaining non-ecclesiastical (‘overig niet-kerkelijk’): material, kept in civil archives”



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