The Digital Archives (Norwegian: DigitalArkivet) is the online publishing part of the National Archives of Norway (Norwegian: Riksarkivet). It is a vast collection offering millions of free, digitized records from all parts of Norway.


The Digital Archives collections include census records, church books/parish registers, birth records, baptism records, marriage records, death records, burial records, emigration records, probate records, Seaman rolls and Military rolls, school records, health care records, poverty matters, accounts and tax lists, deed registration records, landed property tax records, insurance records, legal proceedings and sanctions, clerical archives, transport records (like driver’s license records), and more.


Online at Digital Archives-multiple ways to search

  • From the Find Source Search Window you can select in which “Form” you want results to appear:

    • Scanned (handwritten documents you page through-see below)

    • Fully transcribed in tabular format (these are searchable full-transcriptions of original records; you may search by name, place, date, keyword, etc; you may have the option to see the scanned document: Go to ‘Information on the searchable version,’ Select ‘Read more,’ Select ‘Scanned Page’)

    • Register in tabular format (these are searchable partial transcriptions of the original record; you may have the option to see the scanned document: Go to ‘Information on the searchable version,’ Select ‘Read more,’ Select ‘Scanned Page’)

    • Fulltext (these are html text documents you can read online and search using the Find command, “Command+F” on Mac or “Ctrl+F” on PC).

  • Scanned Sources: these are the scanned documents mentioned above that haven’t been indexed or made searchable. You’ll need to move through them page by page online. There are multiple ways to find these at the Digital Archives.


  • Old Digital Archives: this is the older search screen for the Digital Archives that is being phased out. No new material is added to this site and it will be shut down completely at a future date. From January 1, 2015 only digital books (the Bookshelf) and any static web page will be available. All searchable data will disappear. 

  • Digital Inn: The Digital Inn is a “digital hotel” or webhosting site where volunteers store the records they’ve transcribed. Volunteers still own the material hosted at the Digital Inn but agree to share it free of charge. If desired, once the Archive has proofread and approved the transcriptions they’ll be moved to the Digital Archives. You can search the Digital Inn here.


Digital Photo Archive




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