The Digital Archives offers online access to digitized records at the National Archives of Norway and related archives.

“Here you can search databases/tables, read transcripts and browse digital images as well as listen to digitised sound from the archives. Everyone is welcome to use this government service for free.”

There are many free collections at this site that are helpful in genealogy and family history research.

Free Norwegian emigration records available at this website include:

Emigration from these ports: Ålesund 1878-1930, Bergen 1874-1930, Larvik 1887-1930, Sandefjord 1904-1921, Fredrikstad 1883-1890, Arendal 1903-1930, Kristiansund 1882-1930, Stavanger 1903-1928, Kristiansand 1873-1930, Trondheim 1867-1930, Kristiania 1867-1927, Oslo 1867-1930, and Kristiana 1871-1930.

Ship passenger lists for: Bergen-New York 1871-1873; Bergen-Quebec (Canada) 1865-1873; Drammen-Hawaii (Beta) 1880; and Drammen-Hawaii (Musca) 1880

There are also many passport registers and lists of emigrants.



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