DNA Central is a subscription website with resources to help DNA testers interpret their test results and learn how to use DNA test results to further genealogy and family history research.


Created by Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., author of the genealogy blog, The Genetic Genealogist, DNA Central offers courses and other resources including:

    • DNA Courses

      • I’ve Tested at AncestryDNA, Now What?

      • I’ve Tested at MyHeritageDNA, Now What?

      • I’ve Tested at 23andMeDNA, Now What?

      • I’ve Tested at FTDNA, Now What?

      • I’ve Tested at Living DNA, Now What?

      • I’ve Tested my Y-DNA, Now What?

      • I’ve Tested my mtDNA, Now What?

      • and more

    • DNA Newsletter

    • Webinars

    • DNA Citation Creator (coming soon)

    • Community forum (coming soon)

    • Resources for Educators – DNA charts

    • More Resources – links to other resources

    • DNA Videos (3-minute videos, coming soon)

    • DNA Quizzes (to test your DNA knowledge, coming soon)


    DNA Central has monthly and yearly subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions are $9.99/month and yearly subscriptions are $99/year.  Both are subject to recurring payments that can be canceled at any time and the membership will continue until the time period covered by the last payment expires.


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