DNAAdoption is a free site where genealogists offer tutorials and courses showing beginners what to do after they have received test results back from a DNA testing site.

Their goal is to help researchers find biological connections to family, especially helping adoptees connect with genetic relations.

Their site includes:

Join the DNAAdoption Yahoo Group.

Watch this DNA YoutTube Tutorial on building a family tree

[su_heading size=”18″]How Much Does It Cost?[/su_heading]
There is never a charge for receiving assistance from DNAAdoption. They run strictly on charitable contributions and donated time and expertise. If you’d like to support DNAAdoption, please donate through Paypal. “Please donate through PAYPAL. Our PayPal account name is paypal@dnaadoption.com. If you select “Send money to friends or family” we do not have to pay fees out of the money to PayPal.”


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