DNADNA is a UK based website with free software that helps you visualize your DNA test results.

The AncestryDNA version is available now. Gedmatch Legacy and Gedmatch Genesis software which accept many more DNA tests will be available in the future.

Information from DNADNA site including YouTube tutorials:

  • A VISUALISATION SYSTEM  Network Analysis pictures can be used to understand complex systems.
  • NET GRAPHS ARE IDEAL  Understand links between distant DNA cousins.
  • A DATA PRE PROCESSOR  DNADNA uses logic and simple rules to prune and select the most genealogically relevant bits from the vast amount of data that is now available as more people DNA test.
  • MATERNAL/PATERNAL/BOTH INFERENCE ENGINE  DNADNA can infer likely relationships from known ones and color your graph accordingly.
  • HI CONTRAST VIEWING  Custom color option initially set up for this.

Image of optional DNA software downloads




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