DocuBank is an online estate and health directives registry for 24/7 access to living wills and other directives. They also have an online vault, SAFE, for estate planning documents to be stored and accessed online. And they allow you to assign different levels of access to caregivers, executors, or other individuals.


Benefits include

  • Health Directives 24/7 accessThe Emergency Card: Clients carry their DocuBank Emergency Cards in their wallets. The card instructs the hospital to call DocuBank so that we can immediately transmit clients’ emergency information and healthcare directives to the hospital. Any time, day or night, around the world.
  • State Registry
  • SAFE (Store All Files Electronically) –  Your clients can upload all estate plan(and other personal) documents with a secure online storage feature – DocuBank SAFE.  SAFE is a free, optional,  part of every DocuBank membership.
  • Caregivers



DocuBank costs $55/year or $175/ a five-year plan.


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