The Irish Genealogical Research Society has a free Early Irish Marriage Index with more than 80,000 records.

“This Index seeks to provide pointers to the many alternative sources beyond parish registers and civil registration records. The extant parish registers are, in any case, becoming more available through websites including, and the government website”

“Combining the names of brides, grooms with the various relatives mentioned in the database, the Marriage Index now notes almost 177,000 named individuals. A good many of the latest batch were extrapolated from Index of Nuns, a CD publication in 2015 by the Catholic Family History Society, which notes biographical information for about 14,000 nuns, many of them from Ireland. For many, their date of birth and parents’ names are recorded, allowing for an approximation of the year by which their parents had married.”

“Only the county or country of the bride and groom is shown, although the original record may provide further details. No post-1864 marriages are included, as full civil registration of marriages was a legal requirement by that date.”


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