ecoLegacy is an alternative means of cremation, a non-flame cremation or green cremation service and is a “commercially focused “green technology” company, which will work in partnership with the global funeral community to solve existing and future sustainability, environmental, regulatory and innovation issues that have been identified.  We are applying technological know-how to reduce carbon footprint and pollution and increase land use for safer and more productive means.  Our technology is focused on clean soil and clear air. ecoLation™ removes all harmful substances to produce inert ashes of activated carbon and calcium. These ashes are sterile, they are natural and they are clean. The ashes are placed in a bio-degradable urn so the family of the deceased may choose any of the existing options open to them today as a lasting memorial. Being sterile the ashes can be safely returned to the soil in which a shrub or sapling can grow.”



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