Emberall is a family history app that allows you to record yourself or a loved one and capture family memories with simple prompts. You can view recordings you’ve made through the app online as recordings are uploaded to secure* personal pages in the cloud.

Emberall will email you a link where you can permit others to view your recordings or share as you decide.

Emberall has a DVD service and can compile your recordings onto a DVD with a personalized DVD cover and case. For $495 you will receive full video recording use and one DVD or USB of your finished product.

The Emberall app is free and anyone can use 100 minutes of Emberall in one-minute video segments, at no cost. Emberall will introduce a paid tier for more recordings and longer videos at some time. Videos taken through the Emberall app take up no space on your phone as they’re stored in a secure cloud storage device*. For more information about Emberall, visit the Emberall blog.

*from promotional material provided by Emberall


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