Emigration 64 is a website and blog authored by Christiane Bidot-Naude, a genealogist in France who helps Latin Americans find their roots in Basque or Bearn. Emigration 64 is named for the French metropolitan department 64, department Pyrénées Atlantiques, in the southwest corner of France.

Ms. Bidot-Naude has a list of approximately 50,000 emigrants she makes freely available in French or Spanish.

“One day, often very young they took the boat to Bordeaux, Bayonne or Pasajes; many have never made the return trip, I bring them home in their Béarn or their Basque Country.”

There are quite a few family stories & surnames on this site. You can use a keyword cloud on the right side-bar menu to select a country of interest including Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Buenos Aires, California, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.