Entrada de Pasajero | Passenger Entry to Argentina 19th Century is a free database of immigration records from all origins to Argentina during the 19th century, including movement within Argentina and some departures from Genoa.

In addition to database searches they site has:

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“During the 19th century, millions of passengers from European ports entered Argentina, encouraged by immigration agents and shipping companies that promised land and work in a “flourishing” America.”

“Italians, Spaniards, French, English, Dutch, etc., were recorded in the “Passenger Entries” books. The entries of which are kept listed in Argentina, correspond only to those of the port of Buenos Aires. In the ports of Bahía Blanca, Rosario and La Boca, revenues were not recorded.”

“Records are kept, which unfortunately are very few, of the Vapores de la Carrera that arrived from Uruguay; important revenues since many Europeans had to change boats in the port of Montevideo to get to Buenos Aires in river transport vapors.”

“The original books corresponding to the income to the port of Buenos Aires (1821-1871) are available for consultation in the General Archive of the Nation (Department of Written Documents – 7th Floor) You can also purchase the digitized images, corresponding to the period 1821-1869, in DVD format. This collection that consists of three DVDs, is obtained in exchange for supplies (DVD’s, CD’s or whatever they need at the moment). They were edited thanks to a donation of genealogists collaborating with the preservation of the original documents.”

“In the Historical Archives of some Argentine provinces, you can also find lists of passengers who passed through their provincial river ports.”