Europeana is a free, online digital collection of items from European libraries, museums, and archives and multimedia collections. Digitized items include:

  • Images (paintings, drawings, maps, photographs-including photos of museum objects)

  • Texts (books, newspapers, letters, and diaries)

  • Sounds (music and speech from various recorded media)

  • Videos (films, newsreels, and media broadcasts)

Europeana is the trusted source of cultural heritage brought to you by the Europeana Foundation and a large number of European cultural institutions, projects and partners. It’s a real piece of team work.”

Europeana has sister sites of special interest to family history researchers and other users alike, including:

  • Europeana 1914-1918, where researchers can explore shared stories, photos, and more from First World War experiences of participants throughout Europe and the world. Users can contribute their own memories, photos, etc at this site.

  • Europeana 1989, where researchers can explore the events in Central and Eastern Europe through the fall of the Iron Curtain. Users can contribute their own memories, photos, etc. at this site.

  • Europeana Exhibitions, highlights specific collections

  • Europeana Remix, “An interactive experience around the story of an unlikely friendship during the First World War.”

  • Europeana Pro, a site for professionals wishing to join or collaborate with Europeana



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