The Fairmount Cemetery in Presque Isle, Maine has a free website where you can “search for plot location and information of a person: (1) choose his/her name from the drop-down menu above the Google Map and the plot will become highlighted on the map; (2) zoom in and pan to the highlighted plot (a small dark red rectangle); and (3) point to the plot and click it, an information window will pop up. You may also zoom in to the map, point to and click any plot to open its information window. You may either refresh the web page or click “Reload Map” button (located above the map) to see the entire cemetery map. You may also switch between Map and Satellite image by clicking the buttons located on the upper-right corner of the map. The database was last updated in August 2015. Plots with gravestones showing no death year are excluded (except with a birth year prior to 1916).”


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