This site is currently down and is being placed in Archived Listings.

Famicity ( is a free family tree website for families to build their family trees and store photos and memories with other family members. “Famicity is compatible with genealogy software such as Ancestry, Geni, FamilySearch, and more. With just a few clicks, import your GEDCOM file, synchronize your researches and make them available to your children and grandchildren! Your whole family will be able to enrich the family tree. This is an opportunity to take out the photos and documents shut away in the shoe boxes. Make them available to all! It will complete biographies and everyone will make great discoveries!”

On Famicity, the only people who can see and have access to your family tree and photos or memorabilia will be the people you choose to share them with. They won’t be indexed by search engines. It’s a private and free family history site.


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