Family Histories Illustrated is a private company that creates original artwork for your family stories and prints and binds the family histories in booklet form.


Visit Jeff Bushman’s Gallery for examples of his pen and ink drawings.



“Tell us your family story and we will illustrate it and print copies, bound in booklet form. You will see each illustration in pencil form before it’s inked for a final, in the style shown in this site. This is a great way to remember those family stories and events.

Your story could be of your family’s arrive in America, and include maps, sailing ships and clothing of the time period. You could include the careers, and struggles, challenges they endured . Each work is a custom designed piece for your family. Send us copies of old photos, if available. I can also draw portraits in ink, if the people in your story predate photography.

Jeff Bushman has an MFA in illustration, from Marywood University, and BFA from Art Center College of design. He works in all drawing mediums, ink colored pencil and watercolor.He teaches at UCAS and UVU drawing and art history. He was resonantly nominated on KSL radio’s teacher feature of the month. Having illustrated and designed book covers, magazine articles, and many tee shirts.Jeff has filled over 60 sketchbooks of work.”


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