Family History Fanatics is a genealogy education company with books and presentations available at conferences and online.


Visit Webinars for planned conferences, visit their YouTube channel for instructional genealogy videos, and Books for Family History Fanatics books including:

  • Downsizing with Family History in Mind

  • A Recipe for Writing Family History

  • DNA Q and A: Real Questions from Real People about Genetic Genealogy

  • Family History Scrapbooking Simplified

  • Reimagine Family History

  • From Metal to Rhinestones: A Quest for the Crown

  • How to Fail English with Style


2 responses to “Family History Fanatics”

  1. The link to Amazon doesn’t take me to Family History Fanatics books and the search feature can’t find them.

    the web site does not work, I get a bad gateway error.

    Come on, I want to know who they are! Are they one or two people? A big company?

    1. Dora, the book link has been fixed to show where they sell the books on their own site and their website url is still working so please try it again. Here’s a link to their About page where you can learn more about their company. Best with your family history!


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