Rötter is the official website for the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies. The link provided takes you to a genealogy research help page where they provide tips on how to start your genealogy / family history research in Sweden.

“Sweden has kept excellent records of its citizens since the 17th century. This means that people of Swedish descent can trace their family’s history in Sweden and discover distant relatives, if they just know some of the basic facts about their families. However, the first step is to find out about as much information as you can about your Swedish ancestor that you wish to research. You will need your ancestor’s name, birth parish, where your ancestor lived and a date such as birth, marriage and death or emigration date.”

They have useful articles for helping users understand how the Swedish system works and how to find helpful genealogical records.

If you click the home icon “Hem” you’ll be taken to the homepage and can search for specific Swedish genealogy societies or other helpful resources.

Rötter Forum (the Roots Forum) is a forum at this website where you can post questions and join discussions on Swedish research topics and their are discussions for English speakers.


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