Find & Connect is a free website funded by the Australian Government to help adopted children, wards of state, foster children, Forgotten Australians, former Child Migrants, and members of the Stolen Generations get help in finding records about their childhood.

Find & Connect does not have personal information or private records but contains previously published information and records put into the public domain to assist children who received some type of assisted care locate the information they’re seeking.

Find and Connect Service and projects including a 1800 (1800 16 11 09) number for support.

Historical Background about Child Welfare in each state/governmental division of Australia.

How to Use the Find & Care Website – a step by step guide

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  2. Look for Photos

  3. Information about Records

  4. Search this Site

“The Find & Connect web resource brings together historical resources relating to the history of institutional ‘care’ in Australia. In June 2015, it has over 2,000 entries about children’s Homes in every state and territory. Find & Connect also has information about the organisations that ran these institutions, government departments, legislation, events and information to help people find records relating to their time in ‘care’.”

Find & Connect web resource blog for the most current news on the accessibility of records for former care recipients, including more than one million records in Victoria that have been recently digitized.


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