The Finland Emigrant is an emigrant register of Finnish emigrants and contains over 800,000 records. Their are limited searches for free. For full searches on this site you need to be a registered user (approximately US $25 annually).

Limited Searches are for names only. A username and password are provided for free searches.

Registered Users can search:

  • Passenger lists (318,000 records)
  • Passport records (268,000 records)
  • References to books and newspapers (19,000 records)
  • Register of Australian Finns (3,800 records)
  • Register of New Zealand Finns (1,100 records)
  • Finnish Russians 1930-1950 (8,000+ records)
  • Martyrology of Ingrian Finns (6,100+ records)
  • Forest Finns in Sweden in the 16th & 17th century (1,500)



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