Finland Farms Database

Finland Farms Database, Sukutilat Webissä or Family Rooms on the Web, is a free, online database in Finnish only for searching farm properties in Finland.

The easiest way to use this database for non-Finnish speakers, is to copy and paste the instructions on the right side of the page into Google Translate and select the translate of your choice.

Here’s an example of a partial English translation: “Farm data retrieved left edge of the search terms. Enter the desired number of terms, and then press the Search button. You can apply for municipal, village, state and / or owner’s name. Farms are connected to the situation in the municipality, which means that the status of the location into a cooperative is marked with the date of the municipality of data, even if the municipality would be later linked to another municipality. Municipalities are visible only to them, which is connected to farms. Search results are displayed below the search fields in the table. The more accurate the search terms you enter, the smaller the result set to get. Choose from the list by ticking the farm at the beginning of the row selection circle. After Ruksaamisen status information is displayed to the right of the area.”


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