Finland’s Family History Association

Finland’s Family History Association has a free website with genealogy databases including:

  • church records
  • court records
  • provincial accounts
  • some census records

“Finland’s Family History Association (FFHA) was founded in 2004. The goal of our association is to provide an online source of archived materials such as communion books, census records etc. for everyone interested in genealogy.

“The project is run by volunteers. You too can help! If you want to supply your local library or genealogical society with leaflets about FFHA, a PDF­file can be found on our member pages. You can also request the file by sending an e­mail to info (at)

“A great deal of the digitized material is available to everyone free of charge. We do however appreciate paying members and donations, since we need them to the keep the site alive. Members also get access to more material, such as from 100 to 125 year old church records, court and military records and provincial accounts.”


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