Finnish War Deaths in World War II

is a free online database at Arkistolaitos, the Finland National Archives Service.

From a translation of their search site:

“Finnish wars in 1939-1945 killed in the database contains information on nearly 95 000 during the past wars in the service of the Defence Forces who died. Finnish and served the foreigners in Finland. The database does not include any information on the war dead people, who were not in the defense forces. These categories of persons are in mm. partisans and the victims perished in the home region of air bombardments of civilians.

“All search fields are searchable database, so the data can be searched, for example, by name or date of birth person. For an individual contact information can be found is most likely to begin with as little as possible by filling in the search fields (eg. Only the last name). Trunk call sign is the star (eg. Power *, * tanen, rtane * *). If you know of any other first name of a person or order of first names, put you are aware, the first name among the stars (eg. * Matti *). All search fields should not be met due to the possibly labeled differently database information restricted to the extent of finding the right person.

“The main sources of the formation of the database include. the hero of the tomb of the lists received from churches, military units loss lists, rovastintoimiston the Winter War of fallen troops home henkilökortisto Staff Headquarters and field office in Bishop’s fallen pääkortisto 1941-1945.”



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