Free Shelby City Directories are available at DigitalNC for Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina. 

City directories contain an alphabetized list of residents with their addresses, spouse’s name, profession, and often a reverse lookup by address. They often contain historical information about a locale and they’ll usually contain a separate business directory.

DigitalNC currently has these Shelby City Directories available for free searches:

  • 1937 Shelby City Directory

  • 1939 Shelby City Directory

  • 1941 Shelby City Directory

  • 1943 Shelby City Directory

  • 1945 Shelby City Directory

  • 1947 Shelby City Directory

  • 1949 Shelby City Directory

  • 1951 Shelby City Directory

  • 1953 Shelby City Directory

  • 1955 Shelby City Directory

  • 1957 Shelby City Directory

  • 1959 Kings Mountain City Directory, also includes listings from Grover, Shelby, and Bessemer City

  • 1961 Shelby City Directory

  • 1963 Shelby City Directory


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