French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut is an organization dedicated to collecting and preserving French Canadian and Acadian genealogy and family history.


Holdings of the FCGSC library comprise approximately 3,000 books in both French and English. These include lists of birth, marriage, and death entries transcribed from Quebec parish records; an extensive collection of books, notes and miscellaneous source materials on Acadian genealogy compiled by the noted Acadian specialist Father Hector Hebert; and a file of birth, marriage and death records of descendants of French-Canadians and Acadians in Connecticut, extracted from local town, parish, and newspaper records. Library patrons have access to and other online resources.


Use of the library is free to members. Non-members may use the library for a research fee of $5 per day.


Onsite Collections only

Vital Records substitutes – baptisms, marriages, and burials recorded in the sacramental journals kept by the priests of individual parishes. These records exist for nearly all parishes and time periods back to the beginnings of New France in the 1600s. Because baptismal records normally contain the date of the person’s birth, and burial records contain the date of death, these are valuable substitutes for state or federal vital records which do not exist for Canada before the 20th century. Our records are indexed alphabetically by county and then by parish. If your information only includes the name of the town where an event took place, you can search the internet for the town name to find the county.


Specific details of the following collections:

  • Main Reference Materials

  • Acadian Reference Collection
  • Biography Collections & Dictionaries
  • City Directories
  • Circulating Library
  • Information File
  • Local History
  • Maps
  • Miscellaneous Reference Materials
  • NEHGS Register, 1847 – Present
  • Parish Repertoire Collection
  • Periodicals
  • Report of the Archivist of the Province of Quebec, 1900-1955??   [in French]
  • Special Collections


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  1. seeking any family genealogy books for the desforges dit picard family,starting with robert desforges,from laon picardy,who arrived in 1757/1758 as a drummer in the regiment de la reine,and was involved in the final battle at quebec in 1760. my 5th great grandfather on my mothers paternal line. looking specifically for burial information for his son louis desforges dit picard,aka lewis picard,who was a canadian registrant in the us continental army in 1775/1776 and according to a military pension record i find on ancestry,was given a land grant and pension in vermont (burlington/st albans area) and died there in 1848. i’ve checked diocesan records in this area with no results,as well as state vital records,which don’t go back to this time period. nothing at the vermont french canadian genealogical society or the afgs in woonsocket r.i. (i’m in se massachusetts) but none contain any desforges dit picard family genealogies,my last resort to possibly find any information,as nothing seems to exist in state or diocesan records in this part of vermont. looking for an exact place of burial for louis and his wife elizabeth donat dit laverduremwhom he married in quebec in 1783. according to drouin all their children seem to have been born in canada (rouville in the eastern townships) the last ca. 1802,so they must have migrated to vermont sometime after that. according to the book canadian participants in the american revolution,louis had resided in this area for about 30 years,meaning he arrived around 1810-1820,making him one of the earliest french settlers in the area. any help or suggestions appreciated. john f ricco jr

    1. John, Have you ever received a reply or comment on this question? I’d be glad to give this a shot at our library when I am there on Wednesday, March 8th 2023. I realize this is a sort of stale request on your part, but frankly, even as the President of the FCGSC, I was not aware that this website and its questions existed. I just sort of blundered into it searching for something else. YOur ancestor was on the PLains of Abraham with my own, direct, 4G G Father, Jean Drogue-dit-Lajoie, who was a member of the Guyenne Regiment in the middle of the foray. Please let me know if I can help. or 860-835-5515

      1. my 4th ggs on my mothers french canadian family line. i’ve tried everything but not able to find death information for elizabeth donat,wife of louis desforges,who died in st. albans in 1848. thatsdocumented. if i could find an actual burial location she may be buried with him. i’ve tried vermont state archives,city of st albans,the diocese of vermont,the nehgs,the vermont french canadian genealogical society,the d.a.r.. you name it i’ve checked it. nothing. hard to believe a death that occurred less than 200 years ago,not that long ago historically,can’t be found.

        1. John,

          Thanks for visiting the OnGenealogy directory. You’ll need to correspond directly with the FCGSC in order to receive a response from them. You can reach out to Paul Lajoie, President of the FCGSC, who has responded to your query. “Your ancestor was on the Plains of Abraham with my own, direct, 4G G Father, Jean Drogue-dit-Lajoie, who was a member of the Guyenne Regiment in the middle of the foray. Please let me know if I can help. or 860-835-5515.”

          Best with your research,



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