The Friends of Dundee City Archives has free Dundee Scotland genealogy records including:

Dundee Burgh Records

Dundee Education

The Poorhouses

Church Records (in alphabetical order by congregation)

  • Dundee Clergy 1822-1921
  • St. Aiden’s Church burials 1821-1959
  • St. Peter’s Church, Perth Road, burials 1837-1846
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Ward Road, Dundee, Methodist baptisms 1765-1898
  • Gilfillan Church baptisms 1879-1916
  • Dudhope Church Admissions 1867-1874
  • Hilltown Free Church baptisms 1846-1893

Dundee Maritime History

Old Dundee Graveyards and other Burial Records

Industry and Commerce

Dundee Directories

  • 1782 Directory
  • 1818 Directory
  • 1840 Directory
  • 1850 Directory
  • 1872 Directory
  • 1882 Directory
  • 1896 Directory

Transport and Vehicle Registrations


World War I

Emminent Burgesses of Dundee

The Boys Brigade of Dundee

War Records

James Horsburgh, ship builder of Dundee

Stories from Dundee’s Historic Past

Some Dundee People from Past Ages

The Friends of Dundee City Archives has membership information as well as gift information to assist their efforts to preserve the History of Dundee.



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