GEDmatch is a website where you can upload your DNA test results and/or GEDCOM data and use tools to analyze your files. GEDmatch has a related site, for DNA tests that use a different chip and have matching and compatibility issues.

GEDmatch is a free site and they also offer some premium tools for a fee. GEDmatch has over 500,000 people in their database as of 2018. GEDmatch was created by Curtis Rogers and John Olson.

GEDmatch accepts DNA test results from the following providers:

  • Ancestry
  • WeGene
  • MyHeritage
  • GENETIConcept
  • 23andMe V2, V3, or V4


GEDmatch Genesis accepts test results from:

  • 23andMe V5 (GSA chip)
  • LivingDNA (GSA chip)

“This website is particularly important for customers since does not reveal the matching half-identical region (HIR) data to customers who test there. It is thus imperative for customers to transfer their data to GEDmatch so that they can see which HIRs they share in common with other customers.” from Tim Janzen MD, RootsTech 2018 handout



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