Gen Francesa | French Gene is a free site for French genealogy research helps. Resources include:

  • Guides

    • First steps in French genealogy

    • Searches of French ancestors in Latin America

    • Interesting Resources

  • French Surnames

  • Immigrants (records of French immigrants to South American countries)

  • digital photos/databases of French citizens/others that migrated to South America

  • French Archives

Gen Francesa also has a Yahoo group for exchanging information. “Gen French is a group dedicated to the exchange of information and experiences about French Genealogy in Spanish and French. It is hosted in Yahoo Groups and message exchanges are made through e-mail. It has been 11 years since this group was created and the exchange that was generated among its members enabled experiences of reunion with lost family members, reconstructions of family trees and a large amount of material of great historical value was put online on this website.”

You can also follow Gen Francesa on Pinterest.

Gen Francesa has contributors from:

  • Argentina

  • Chile

  • France

  • Uruguay

  • Paraguay

  • Spain

  • USA



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