GenDisasters is a free genealogy site where they’ve compiled information on historic events and disasters our ancestors lived through. GenDisasters is a useful site for family history and social history research.


GenDisasters is searchable by surname, disaster, year, US State, or Canada.



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  1. We are unable to register and a login attempt has locked us out of your site! We note a reference in “Shipwrecks of 1894” for the sinking of “Glad Tidings” in the Detroit River following a collision with the steamer “Pathfinder” and the loss of all four crew. We are very keen to establish the identity of these seaman. The Steamboat Inspection Service report for 1894 does not identify the schooner or mention the crew.
    Happy to join and do the searching if you can make it possible. Nick Barnes, O’Rourke Barnes & Assoc, Consulting Engineers, CAIRNS, Australia

    1. Nick,

      The GenDisasters site was hacked and is currently down. You can visit their Facebook page for more information:

      Here’s an update they gave in July 2022:

      “For those of you who have been wondering…. Our gendisasters. com site was hacked. Not just a simple hacking – they removed everything – all the files, etc. — gendisasters and 10 other sites. This happened despite the fact that the site has 24 hour monitoring for virus and such …. and server people who make daily backups. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple restore… and is taking a lot of time and money. For those of you who have been patient and concerned, thank you. I appreciate the concern. For those of you who have been rude, I’ve just don’t have any words. I Stu Beitler and others have worked on this site for better than 20 years.”

      And their most recent post from October 2022:
      “Thanks for everyone’s patience. We are still working to get the site back on line.”

      I hope that answers your question.


      1. Thank you Alyson. If we have the information on a seaman, is the death likely to be found on the On Genealogy database?

        1. Nick,

          No. OnGenealogy is only a directory of genealogy websites and collections. We don’t have any central database so the information you have would be best shared with GenDisasters when they get their site back up and running.

          Best with your research,


  2. We don’t understand what “awaiting moderation” implies. Does it mean “being processed”?
    NB Additional reference to the disaster.
    The collision in the Detroit River occurred 1:30am 39/7/1894


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