The Genealogical Society of Finland


The Genealogical Society of Finland has searchable databases of births, marriages, deaths, maritime records, and name changes for Finland. Searches are for members only and there is a fee to become a member of the society.

“The Genealogical Society of Finland is a national voluntary non-governmental organisation promoting the study of genealogy and social history in Finland. Founded in 1917 its purpose is to act as a facilitator and link between genealogists and further Finnish family and personal history research.”


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  1. am trying to research Finish records on some family members born in Finland. Is there a site I can go to for these records.

  2. I am not a member, but a Reference Librarian at the Wisconsin Historical Society. I am trying to locate this article. “Twenty-five Years of Co-operation in Superior, Wisconsin. The Story of the People’s Co-operative Socity,” Author unknown. Article published in 1940, article found via the Genealogical Society of Finland. on 12/11/2004

    May I have access to this article?

    1. Gayle,

      Thanks for visiting the OnGenealogy directory. I’ve updated the liating for the Genealogical Society of Finland to show their email address. You’ll need to communicate with them at

      Best with your research,



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