is a family history and genealogy research company with “over 1,000 professional genealogists, historians, DNA experts, university professors, scholars, and archivists worldwide to help you solve your family history challenges.”

“Our broad network consists of professionals with a variety of credentials, certifications, and memberships. Collectively, our worldwide team has the greatest expanse of expertise and experience in genealogical research. Credentials include:

  • Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (P.L.C.G.S)
  • Accredited Genealogists (AG)
  • Certified Genealogists (CG)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Genealogy
  • Master in Library Science or History (MSLS)
  • Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)
  • Doctorate of History”

Some services they provide include:

  • obtain copies of documents from archives and libraries throughout the world
  • solve difficult family history problems
  • extend family trees
  • prove lineage for lineage societies
  • analyze DNA test results “will match and in most cases beat a quote from any reputable firm.” Research can be purchased by project or hourly (hourly rates decrease the more hours you purchase).


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