Genealogy à la carte is a website and blog by Gail Dever, a genealogist in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Gail shares a daily blog about genealogy news and resources in Canada and the US. Her blog includes the latest online records, cemeteries, webinars, presentations, genealogical societies’ projects, and more.


She has a weekly blog post, crème de la crème, with her picks of genealogy treasures she’s found online that week–a great way to follow hot topics in genealogy.


She also has created Facebook for Canadian Genealogy, a list of almost 1,000 Facebook groups and pages for anyone interested in Canadian genealogy research. This includes special interest groups in each province and territory as well as genealogical and historical societies, archives, museums and more.


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  1. Gail – the blog today on Creme de la Creme is blank . I have an email but there is no information.


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