Genealogy Gophers is a free, digitized book database at Their database includes over 80,000 digitized books from FamilySearch and their partner institutions, including the Allen County Public Library and the BYU Library.


Genealogy Gophers is free for the first three books viewed, then you can view more books for a monthly or yearly fee/donation, as little as $3/month or $20/year for unlimited books. 

Genealogy gophers also has an additional 100,000 books they’re currently indexing and adding to their site. They’re also adding books from and other free internet book sites.

Free, searchable books at Genealogy Gophers include:

  • family histories and compiled genealogies
  • regional and local histories
  • genealogy magazines
  • gazetteers
  • newsletters
  • medieval histories
  • and more


Follow their blog for updated information about new book releases!


Genealogy Gophers free digitized genealogy books



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