Généalogie du Sud-ouest | Genealogy of the South West is a professional genealogy website owned by genealogist Michel Abadie in south west France.


Genealogy of the South West specializes in:

  • Researching all your ancestors

  • Creating family trees for your ancestors

  • Tracing of immigrants and their descendants

  • Writing family biographies and family histories with several formats available



Professional genealogists have access to certain records that are more difficult for average citizens to obtain, for example: court records, adoption or abandonment of a child, we can review them. We can help you find:

  • A marriage contract, recent notarial acts

  • Your heritage, a study based on old cadastres

  • Follow the path of a soldier, a first cousin

  • Track the regional migration of a particular family.




Hourly rate of 35 € TTC. Travel and daily accommodation costs are extra.



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