Genealogy Quebec is a subscription site for Quebec genealogy research. Genealogy Quebec has over 40,000,000 files and images related to Quebec family history research.

Genealogy Quebec is owned by the Drouin Institute and their site has “all catholic marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1915, all catholic baptisms and burials celebrated in Quebec between 1621 and 1849, and all protestant marriages celebrated in Quebec between 1760 and 1849” as well as census records, family genealogies, and more.

They have a description of each collection and the number of image/records from each collection to give you an idea of the coverage and if it meets your needs.

They have free tools that are extremely useful:

  1. Looking for on Quebec Records ?

  2. User guide on Quebec Records

  3. Establish your ancestry on Quebec Records

  4. Maires du Quebec website

  5. Drouin Collection list of the 2366 microfilms

  6. Map of LAFRANCE parishes until 1913

  7. Notary list

  8. Loiselle File list of parishes

  9. Loiselle File list of names

  10. Kardex File list of names (coming soon)

  11. Drouin Institute’s family genealogies list (coming soon)

  12. LAFRANCE Name standardisation

  13. LAFRANCE First-name standardisation

  14. LAFRANCE Family name-nickname associations

  15. Quebec list of protestant parishes from 1766 to 1942 (coming soon)

  16. Missing images on Marriages 1926-1997

  17. Free Obituaries (2 million obituaries from 1999 to present)

Visit their site for subscription options.


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