Genealogy SA is a South Australia Genealogy and Family History Society and is designated by the Government of South Australia as a place to get transcriptions of birth, death, and marriage records which are not readily available online.

The Genealogy SA has a large library and membership options and a blog.


South Australia Vital Records Online

Genealogy SA has a free, online database for birth, death, and marriage searches and well as cemeteries, and other records:

  • Newspaper Birth Notices Index from 1960 onwards

  • Newspaper Death Notices Index from 1972 onwards

  • South Australia Cemeteries Index

  • Birth Registration Certificates Index 1842 – 1928

  • Death Registration Certificates Index 1842 – 1972 (Certificate transcriptions to 1967*)

  • Marriage Registration Certificates Index 1842 – 1937

“Before requesting a birth, death or marriage certificate, check our What is in a Certificate When? document. This lists all of the the fields that may be available in the certificate that you request.”

“* Please note, we do not have original death certificates from 1968 to 1972, only index records, therefore we cannot transcribe death certificates 1968 to 1972. You can order Newspaper Death Notices for this period, send your request via our Research Request form and we will forward an invoice for payment. Once payment has been processed our research service will search for, then send, the required notice from the paper via email.”


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