Genealogy’s Star is a family history blog authored by James Tanner, presenter and genealogist at the BYU Family History Library and contributor to the FamilySearch Research Wiki.


James Tanner is the co-author of many family history books available through a link on his site.


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  1. I want to change my email address as I am changing my internet service provider. When I search for Genealogy’s Star, I can only find the blog. How can I change my email and still receive yours?

    1. When you go to the Genealogy’s Star blog, on the right-side column you’ll find a section that says “Subscribe to Genealogy’s Star via email” and a place to put your new email address, then hit the “Subscribe” button and you should start getting Genealogy’s Star emails at your new address.

      OnGenealogy is a directory of Genealogy businesses, collections, & websites and doesn’t currently send emails.

      Best with your research!


  2. Joe Tanner, lives down the street, about two blocks away, said all the Tanners of trading posts to the Navajo are descended from the Tanner which put a trail down the Grand Canyon which is know by the Navajo as Shush (Bear), the descendants of him are called Shush Yaz (Little Bear). Is James Tanner a Shush Yaz?


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