The National Archives of Greece is called the General State Archives (Greek: Γενικά Αρχεία του Κράτους). 

They have online collections available through their Integrated Application Software, αρχειομνήμων). Below are links to digitized collections from the General State Archives and its agencies. There are over 7 million digitized pages available online through αρχειομνήμων (arxeiomnimon).

Collections currently available online include:

  • Archives of the Greek school of Skopelos

    The school archive of Skopelos is one of the oldest educational archives kept at GSA – Archives of Magnesia and its operation dates back to the years of the Greek Revolution. In 1865-1866 the school attended the Skiathitis, and later a leading writer, Alexander Papadiamantis (1851-1911).

  • Notarial archives of Volos

    GSA – Archives of Magnesia keep some of the oldest notarial records of Volos, the first after the liberation of Thessaly by the Turks in 1881.

Users can also search the catalogs (for on-site collections) of these state archival agencies by Archive or Category, and filter by a date range. Some of these on-site collections have been digitized, and you’ll be able to see reproductions online.

Search on-site holdings by Archive:


Search on-site holdings by Category:

Some on-site records include (scroll down to Digitized Collections):

  • Public Records  These records are organized by date of creation. “The Central Office of the GCC and the archives until 1864 distinguish the large categories of records of the post-Byzantine period, the archive of Agonos, the archive of the period of Ioannis Kapodistrias and the archive of the Otto period.” 

  • Private Files and Collections These are records not created by the State, but still accessible on-site, including maps and engravings from Historical Societies, photos albums, manuscripts, and other content.