Geneteka is the website of the Polish Genealogical Society and has some free, online Polish indexes included baptisms, marriages, deaths, military records, and more. They have more than 22 million free, indexed Polish records.




Birth Marriage and Death records #OnGenealogy

Birth, Marriage, & Death Records


Poland Birth, Marriage & Death Records – To start a free search of Polish indexes, select a region from their map of Poland or region links in the right-side column, and you’ll open an index search window for records in that area. Follow the prompts and use if instructions don’t translate thoroughly. (Hint: Polish: Nazwisko=English: Surname; Polish: Imię=English: First Name). 


select a location, below, and use the search window for the locale


Location Parishes Registers Entries
Lower Silesia 53 59 25 447
Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship 261 613 2 267 857
Lublin 166 325 776 422
lubuskie 13 15 5 618
Łódź Province 331 1067 6 949 003
Lesser Poland 169 381 1 266 061
Masovian Voivodeship 505 1464 8 366 520
Warsaw 52 129 1 570 024
Opole Province 72 151 59 610
Podkarpackie Province 229 459 1,070,634
Podlasie 126 341 1 418 294
Pomeranian 91 203 1,076,835
Silesian 305 508 1 949 886
Świętokrzyskie 220 612 3 705 495
Warmia-Masuria Province 122 254 308 907
Greater Poland 183 382 769 069
West Pomeranian 11 12 4 608
Ukraine 272 687 1 070 804
Belarus 161 362 387 912
Lithuania 77 178 441 638
others 18 33 12 354


Other indexes and helpful sites include:





Military records Wars Veterans #OnGenealogy

Military Records







Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Daily Life Records

Church & Synagogue













Residence records census land migration voting taxation #OnGenealogy

Residence Records




  • Digitized directories including:
    • Vilnius Directory of Telephone Numbers 1929
    • Address Book Vilnius 1911
    • List of property of Vilnius Province 1873
    • Kaunas – estate directory
    • Registers of gentry metric of grójec county t.8 – Prażmów
    • Order to change the names of towns in the Warta 1943






Modern Helps

Message Boards

  • They have a free Polish message board/forum and a link to a separate message board/forum, Forgen,  for exchanging information about Polish ancestry.
  • Link to active Polish message board




3 responses to “Geneteka – free Polish genealogy indexes”

  1. I would like the names of people and places to be in the original Polish as I have my family tree with those spellings. I prefer “Franciszek” to “Frank” and the female “Josephata” or “Jozefa” to “Joseph”. Can this be done on the Geneteka website?

  2. How to I get the actual record found on the index of Geneteka? It does not have a scan on it.
    Looking for Debowiec in Southern part of Poland.
    I want a marriage record from 1838 of Valentine Paprocki and Helena Kaprzyk in Debowiec. I am so lost trying to figure this out.

    1. Chris,

      Thanks for visiting the OnGenealogy directory. In the listing we’ve included basic instructions for navigating the BMD indexes at Geneteka. Here’s a link to a search page for marriage records in Dębowiec: Dębowiec. I wasn’t able to find that marriage record in their database, but you could contact them and see if you could hire a researcher to find the records you need if they aren’t part of the free collections available at Geneteka. It looks like Mieczysław Maziarski is the researcher who uploaded these collections and might be a good contact option for hiring a researcher familiar with these records.

      Best with your research,



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